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False positive drug testing is a unique legal issue unfamiliar to many attorneys. False positive drug testing litigation touches on many aspects of law, including fraud, DTPA violations, employment related violations, HIPAA and/or state privacy actions, defamation, EEOC litigation, and unemployment appeals. Because of this, victims of false positive drug testing need an attorney with the experience to handle all aspects of their claims from start to finish. At Gwen Tipton Law PLLC, we focus our work on all types of employment issues, which makes us uniquely qualified to handle your employment or drug testing matters.

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False Positive Drug Testing

Employers commonly use drug testing to ensure employees are not under the influence of illegal substances in the workplace.

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What to Do If You've Been a Victim of False Positive Drug Test Results

Gwen Tipton Law PLLC counsels individuals on how to handle false positive drug tests.

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Employment Litigation

While many people enjoy a happy and positive work environment, the reality is many people face discrimination and harassment in the workplace.

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From car accidents to spills in grocery stores, there is no shortage of accidents that can cause serious or even life-threatening injuries.

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