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Drug testing has many benefits for businesses. Regular drug testing can help reduce medical costs and ensure work environments are productive and safe. However, businesses only receive these benefits if the drug test results are accurate. False positive drug testing can destroy lives. Employees terminated as a result of a false positive drug test don’t have to suffer in silence.

What To Do After A Reported Positive Drug Test

The actions you take after receiving an alleged positive drug test result can have huge legal implications. While receiving false positive reports can be very emotional, it is incredibly important to stay as calm as possible so you don’t jeopardize your position. First of all, do not share your results or your frustrations regarding the results with the public, including fellow co-workers, direct bosses, or friends. Also, do NOT post your frustrations on social media. It might feel good to share your thoughts in the moment, but this could put you in a less than desirable position legally. Also, make sure you:

  • Don’t sign any forms, including ones that wrongfully implicate you in illegal drug consumption.
  • Don’t sign anything releasing your results to a third-party.

If you have received a false positive drug test, you need to immediately contact an experienced attorney. An attorney can help collect medical records, lab records, and other evidence to show your test was a false positive. In addition, an experienced lawyer will be able to pursue compensation for the emotional and financial distress you have suffered.

The false positive drug testing lawyers at Gwen Tipton Law PLLC, have extensive experience obtaining and analyzing records from lab testing companies. Lab companies often have a track record of false positives. We can work to collect all relevant lab information and performance data, other applicable tests, and records of testing protocols to determine exactly where the test went wrong.

It is very important that you do not speak to anyone from the company ordering the drug test or the lab performing the test until you talk to a lawyer.

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